In November 2021, a public consultation was undertaken on proposals for 636 homes at the Hersham Golf Club site, including 50% affordable homes, a community hub and a new country park. An illustrative Masterplan of the previously proposed scheme is shown below:

Former Scheme

Since then, we have taken on board feedback received from Elmbridge Borough Council officers and the local community and have amended the scheme accordingly.

Proposed site layout

Our key focus is to promote sustainable development in a highly accessible location, providing high-quality, energy efficient housing alongside new community uses and open spaces that truly deliver on the needs of the community.

Our proposals now concentrate the development on the previously developed part of the golf course and comprise 221 homes, of which 50% will be affordable, a new medical centre/GP Surgery, a community café and play areas.

Next to the development site will be 21 hectares of new, beautiful, publicly accessible open space which will benefit the wider community, and a 10-hectare biodiversity habitat area. 

The development will only utilise Previously Developed Land within the Green Belt (PDL), ensuring that 93% of the Green Belt between Esher and Hersham will remain unaffected.

Detailed Application Diagram
  • The orange area indicates the development area on the Previously Developed Land. 
  • The blue area indicates the Biodiversity Net Gain area.
  • The purple area indicates the area for the SANG public parkland.

Of the 50% affordable homes, 10% (11 homes) will be promoted as First Homes (a Government scheme to aid First Time Buyers to get on the property ladder), 10% (11 homes) will be homes for social rent, 20% will be available under a shared-ownership scheme, and the remaining 60% will be made available for rent via a Registered Affordable Housing Provider. These homes have specific eligibility criteria to ensure they are made available to local people in genuine need.

Past community consultation has raised the issue of a lack of medical and GP availability in the area. For this reason, the team has sought to provide a medical centre which has the capacity to provide a multi-practitioner GP surgery.

As a result of feedback received during public consultation in November 2021, the following key changes have been made to the scheme:

  • A reduction in development from 636 homes to 221.
  • Changes in the design to complement the neighbouring houses and existing urban areas.
  • An increased proportion of family houses.
  • A reduction in the overall density, with the majority of buildings being three storeys or less.
  • A commitment to providing space for a medical centre/Doctors’ surgery and community cafe.
  • Confirmation of the pedestrian link to Hersham station.
  • Improved pedestrian connections to green spaces and existing public footpaths to the River Mole.
  • Changes to the proposed layout to preserve more trees, whilst providing a site of 10 hectares to promote local biodiversity
  • The development now retains 93% of the Green Belt, as the development is restricted to the previously developed part of the site.
  • The provision of 21 hectares of publicly accessible open space in the form of a SANG with 2.5km of footpaths through the open countryside.

To summarise the key differences between the two schemes, a comparative table is provided below:

Key componentsNov-21NowExisting
Development area12.2 Hectares5.5 Hectares5.5 Hectares of previously developed land
Total number of units636221
Apartments % / Number of units78% / 49474% / 164
Houses % / Number of units22% / 14226% / 57
Affordable homes content50%50% (mix of tenures changed, as follows)
First HomesNot proposed10%
Social rent homesNot proposed10%
Affordable rent homesNot defined60%
Shared ownershipNot defined20%
Density of development52 Dwellings per Ha41 Dwellings per Ha
Daily vehicle movements2,564 (2-way movements) over two accesses900 (2-way movements) over single accessExisting weekday/weekend 300 / 450 (2- way movements)
Medical Centre/GP SurgeryNot proposedYes
Community caféYesYes (location changed)
Public access31ha21haTo public right of way only
Bio-diversity siteNot proposed10haNone
New footpath to StationOptionConfirmedNone

Proposals for Hersham Golf Club will deliver a number of key benefits, including but not limited to:

High quality, energy efficient new homes

221 homes comprising of houses and flats to a mix of tenures..

Affordable housing

50% affordable housing, with a mix of social and affordable rent, First Homes – a first time buyer scheme, and intermediate housing.

Medical centre

Space for a new 600m2 Doctor’s surgery to meet local needs.

Community spaces

The creation of a new community café.  

Community open space

A minimum of 21 hectares of open space in the form of SANG for the public to enjoy in addition to the LEAP (Locally Equipped Area for Play) and LAPs (Local Areas for Play) provided within the development area.  

Biodiversity Net Gain

10 hectares of land for Biodiversity Net Gain.

An environmentally friendly development

Renewable energy sources and electric vehicle charging points available to every home, bat and bird boxes, protection and enhancement of existing plants and trees.

Illustrative view from Assher Road to the site entrance
Illustrative view leading through the green space from the Hersham Station footpath
Illustrative view looking towards the central green incorporating the main play space